T & L Upholstery Shop

About Us/History

T & L Upholstery Shop was started in 1982 when mother/daughter team Leah Mae Williams and Teresa Carter were asked to re-upholster a friend’s sofa.  Leah Mae had previously worked in an upholstery shop in Thorntown that was no longer in business.  She asked Teresa if she would do the sewing for the sofa.  Teresa agreed.  When they returned the sofa, the friend had a chair she wanted done as well.  One thing led to another and before long Leah Mae’s back room was a full-fledged upholstery shop.  As Leah Mae approached retirement and as the shop began to overtake her home, they made the decision to build a new shop west of Thorntown at Teresa’s place.  The new shop was completed in 1999 and offers a wide-open work-space with beautiful views out the large windows. 

In 2001 the upholstery team expanded a generation and Teresa’s daughter, Sasha Williamson, joined the shop.  Sasha, a graduate of Butler University and former high school math teacher, was looking for an occupation that was more flexible as she started her family.  Trained by her grandmother, Sasha began assuming more and more of the upholstery work as Leah Mae eased into retirement. 

Teresa still does the sewing for the shop and Sasha does the upholstery.  Most other duties are shared by the twosome.  T & L is still thriving as Teresa and Sasha work together to help you achieve your upholstery wishes.  They look forward to working with you!

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