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We recently entrusted a beloved, eighty-year old family member to T&L Upholstery and were thrilled with the experience.
The upholstered rocker had originally belonged to a great aunt and had seen light and careful use. But one day, like the housing market, the bottom just fell out. We chose to have it totally redone while attempting to preserve the original look and feel.  Our hopes were greatly surpassed; it is just so beautifully done. And now it sits better than it ever has in living memory.
This is not Seat Cover Charlie's. Materials can be costly, but what you are getting in craftsmanship will make it very reasonable for any favorite piece that you may be set upon reviving.
Our highest recommendations for T&L.   We may be contacted at this email address for referral.   kwakefie@iupui.edu
Ken and Lynn Wakefield

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